Adding a Microphone to Dragon NaturallySpeaking

Warning! You must run an Audio Check before using any new microphone.


If you are using a Mac computer you MUST additionally use a USB soundcard. If you are using a PC, the use of a USB soundcard is strongly recommended because integrated soundcards tend to be substantially less accurate. If you already own a high-quality  oundcard, insert the microphone plug (typically labeled with a microphone icon and/or colored red/pink) into your soundcard at this time. If you additionally purchased a USB soundcard or USB microphone, a KnowBrainer associate may have already attached your USB adapter to your microphone (because they are required to include these types of amenities). If you purchased a USB adapter (soundcard) or USB microphone you will need to plug the adapter into a USB port before launching your speech recognition application.


All KnowBrainer USB soundcards are plug-and-play (no installation CD required). If you are using a notebook computer, plug your USB soundcard into any available USB port. On desktop computers, we only recommend using a rear USB port. NEVER use USB hubs, splitters, front or side USB ports because they are not properly shielded. Before using your new microphone, you must run an Audio Check. The following step-by-step process is for NaturallySpeaking. Do not skip this step! We randomly dispatch KnowBrainer field agents to check on our customers (just kidding).


Setting Up Your New Microphone in NaturallySpeaking

  1. In DNS, begin by clicking Audio followed by clicking Check microphone.
  2. NaturallySpeaking will now begin the process of checking your microphone and soundcard. If you only have one sound card in your computer, NaturallySpeaking will skip the next prompt because you don't need to make a soundcard choice. However, if you are using a recommended USB soundcard, NaturallySpeaking will ask you to choose which sound system you wish to use. In the following example, you will see that we chose the USB soundcard. Windows 7 typically refers to generic USB soundcards as USB soundcard or in this example, the actual name of the soundcard. Windows XP typically uses the generic term AK5370. After choosing the appropriate soundcard click Next.

    Position your microphone and click Next again.
  3. Click the Start Volume Check, pause briefly (1 or 2 seconds) and read the text until it
    turns gray. It is important that you read at your normal pace and volume level. DON'T
    RUSH. After the text turns gray, click Next followed by clicking Start Quality Check.

    Repeat the previously outlined process and click Next.
  4. Click Finish



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