SpeechWare TravelMike - Physicians Review

SpeechWare TravelMike - Physicians Review

SpeechWare TravelMike - Physicians Review

After an initial rough start (defective TravelMike mini gooseneck microphone - a rare occurence; and Dragon User Profile set up issues - my fault), I am pleased to have the SpeechWare TravelMike doing extraordinarily well on its own User Profile in green mode. I am amazed at how well DMPE2/TravelMike does at learning pronounciation and new vocabulary; it usually needs only one correction to learn my pronounciation or new vocabulary. It seems to me to do better at many of the common troublesome words I have struggled with on several other sound systems such as "fibrillation, voltages, spironolactone, hypertrophy, cardiomyopathy, electrocardiographically, electocardiogram, echocardiogram, wander, etc.. In other words, it has been the fastest to train sound system I have ever used. Perhaps some of this is due to more experience on my part at training new words and phrases (or maybe Dragon training me).
I never thought it would be possible for a small speech recognition sound pod to rival or equal the accuracy of a much more expensive pro-audio system, but subjectively it is my experiece that the SpeechWare TravelMike has done it.
The smaller form factor makes it even easier to carry around than the Buddy 7G/audio-technica PRO 8HEmW when going from exam room to exam room. More comfortable and faster than a headset too. The TravelMike has become my new favorate for use in exam rooms. The addition of a pivoting 90 degree USB elbow connector would make it perfect.
I just recently placed an order for a SpeechWare FlexyMike single ear from Lunis. The design and specifications suggest this microphone will be fantastic for those times I will be beyond the useable distance of the TravelMike.
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~~DMPE2 [BestMatch V, Large Vocabulary], KnowBrainer 2012 D, VoiceComputer 64-bit v12, Windows 7 Professional 64-bit. Lenovo T520 [i7-2620M, 8GB DDR3-1333, SSD]. Work & Home Office: Sound Devices USBPre 2; DPA d:fine omnidirectional, Audio-Technica BP892, Shure WH30XLR, Earthworks SR40V, Sennheiser MD431 II & ME65/K6P, Samson AirLine 77/QV10e. Exam rooms: SpeechWare TravelMike or Buddy 7G/Audio-Technica PRO8HEmW or FlexyMike SE

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