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With over 18 years of experience in speech recognition, KnowBrainer has been on the leading edge of speech recognition since commercial applications like Nuance's Dragon NaturallySpeaking became available to the general public. It was through working with these applications for our own use that we realized how critical it was to have a proper supporting PC environment and the necessary software tools to effectively utilize speech recognition.

We have created the KnowBrainer Command Software and the KnowBrainer Specialized Vocabularies for NaturallySpeaking to empower speech recognition users by unlocking the full potential of the NaturallySpeaking products. Of course, we share our expertise in hardware requirements as well, offering a secure online shopping cart that not only provides the software that you need, but provides you critical hardware equipment as well - headset microphone, wireless headsets, digital recorders, etc. Through our shopping cart and free user forum, we support a wide range of retail and commercial speech recognition users and remain the number 1 authority in speech recognition.



Why KnowBrainer

Not Just An Online Store

Anyone can sell you software or hardware - KnowBrainer is a software OEM and the most trusted third party resource in speech recognition.

World's #1 User Forums

KnowBrainer offers you the #1 resource on the Internet for Naturally Speaking support and it's FREE! Let over 4,500 active members help you.

World's #1 Third Party Command Software

Nuance builds an incredibly powerful product with Dragon NaturallySpeaking, but out of the box it offers only a fraction of it's potential - KnowBrainer commands give you the rest

One-Stop Shop For All Of Your Speech Recognition Equipment

Different speech recognition suppliers means different people pointing the fingers at each other when something doesn't work right or even work well. KnowBrainer can supply all of your needs, from the average home user to full scale enterprises.

Complete Speech Recognition Support

Our free user forums not enough for you or do you need something quicker, more specialized, etc.? KnowBrainer offers a full array of support services from the home user to large scale enterprises. Call for more details.

We've Been Around For A While

Speech Recognition and the related user demands are not new. Meeting the unique needs of each user requires experience and, for experience, you've come to the right place.


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For over 20 years KnowBrainer has been bringing customers the latest and most comprehensive suite of speech recogntion hardware and software, including the entire line of Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking products. We also offer our own KnowBrainer Command software that extends the capabilities of NaturallySpeaking into full PC automation that is capable of controlling nearly everything that you do on your PC using just your voice. To get you the greatest success, KnowBrainer also offers a full line of hardware and support services for your speech recognition requirements.

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