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Topic Title: Repeating letters in words when using Dragon Medical Practice Edition
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Created On: 03/15/2019 09:45 PM
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 03/15/2019 09:45 PM
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Hi I have the Dragon Medical Practice Edition. When I dictate, Dragon will frequently repeat letters (ie.  instead of patient - it will transcribe ppaatient, headaches -> heaadaches)   This happens in all apps (word, textbox, etc) so its not app specific.  I contacted Dragon support but they had no clue and were no help.   This happens on 2 machines with 2 different mics so its not a machine issue.  

Any help would be appreciated


Keash Doc
 03/15/2019 11:13 PM
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Lunis Orcutt
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This is most likely because you are dictating into a cloud-based EMR through a Citrix network which can be miserable. Your EMR is also unlikely Dragon friendly, which is noted by the missing DragonBar upper right corner green dot.

You could eliminate this problem with a couple of third-party command utilities which offer lots of other functions. We recommend trying the 30 day trial of DragonCapture (download) and a 30 day trial of KnowBrainer Professional 2017.

DragonCapture allows you to directly dictate into non-Dragon supported applications by using a process we refer to as Smart Natural Text. You are currently using regular Natural Text which doubles letters, drops words, occasionally incorrectly spaces words and fails to apply capitalization, where needed. DragonCapture is very smart about capitalization and spacing. Most importantly, it includes TypeMode which Simulates Keystrokes. The reason for your double lettering is because Dragon dictation is too fast for the network. It would be nice if Nuance handled this themselves (which should be obvious) but that's why third-party utilities exist.

KnowBrainer includes thousands of commands ranging from simplifying your workflow (increasing your productivity) to verbally creating your own commands but in this case, KnowBrainer includes 2 correction commands which work with DragonCapture. For example, if you need to change the word “brown” to “yellow” try double-clicking the word you wish to dictate and saying Say <yellow> or Insert <yellow>, depending on the situation. These are just 2 examples of time-saving numerous correcting/editing commands.

PS: We forgot to mention the KnowBrainer Dragon Installation/Training Guide, which is complementary to our Dragon customers, includes lots of unexpected features such as eliminating Dragon sand traps.


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 06/22/2020 05:28 PM
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I recently started using Dragon Capture because I was having the same issue. It corrected the problem of double letters randomly being placed in the front of some words and also corrected the issue I was having re not always placing a space between words. It still does not always cap the first word in a sentence though. Are others having the same problem?
I am running Dragon Medical 4.3 on a windows 7 computer.
 11/25/2021 09:08 AM
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I too had the repeating letters in words problem, suddenly started about six months ago using Dragon  Professional Home 15.      I installed Dragon capture,   which completely solve the repeating letter problem.  But I agree that it doesn't handle capitalisation  consistently well everywhere,  and if I'm dictating into my coding text editor, space management is also erratic.  

I am considering subscribing to Dragon Professional Anywhere.  Does anybody have any experience with Dragon Professional Anywhere,  and its ability to dictate into most destinations without assistance from Dragon Capture, And without the repeating letter phenomenon.  

Many thanks 


Andrew Pinney
Email dictated, mis-recognitions possible
 11/25/2021 12:11 PM
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Some general observations-- most repeating letters issues for me over the past years had been related to the version of Citrix used. This was of course always dictated by the hospital.We are currently using a version of Citrix Receiver (CR 4.9 = which is not plaqued by that problem. In fact, the hospital has told me not to "upgrade" at home to the newer/newest Citrix Receiver version. For many years, the hospital would routinely "upgrade" to the newest available Citrix Receiver automatically. I had lots of problems back then, and as soon as the IT dept. did this on our office PCs, I would then uninstall the new version and reinstall an out-of-date Citrix version that still worked properly. This had to do with having a functioning Program Neighborhood Agent, which allowed Dragon and Citrix to play well in the sandbox. I tried numerous different Citrix versions which all were unreliable. But this version works great.

Dictating into an EMR is clearly much less accurate than dictating into Notepad and then transferring text via voice command. This was true using Greenway Prime Practice and is still true with our current Epic. Dictating directly into Epic (even with the good Citrix Receiver) is not only MUCH less accurate, but the frequency and type of capitalization issues is a joke--such as words where the first letter is not capitalized (though it should be) and the rest of the letters in that word are capitalized (and should not be). Additionally, both proof-reading and especially making corrections is much more difficult in Epic versus Notepad. It is much less frustrating and quicker dictating outside of Epic and transferring into Epic rather than attempting direct dictation.



 11/25/2021 11:19 AM
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R. Wilke
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But I agree that it doesn't handle capitalisation consistently well everywhere, and if I'm dictating into my coding text editor, space management is also erratic.

DragonCapture maintains an internal text buffer providing correct formatting of the follow-up utterances, with regards to spacing and capitalisation, working consistently according to the rules of structured written speech, which may not always apply to coding of course, and only as long as you don't move the cursor around or modify the text in the target application between utterances. That's because, although it may seem so, not even DragonCapture can "see" the text in the target application.

This, however, doesn't make it completely useless also in situations where the continuity of the internal buffer leads to unwanted formatting, as the basic ability to communicate with targets where Dragon itself refuses to type will always be there. If you understand the internal rules, you can always "manually" force spacing and capitalisation according to your needs. Anyone wanting assistance with this, please ask.

I am not familiar with Dragon Professional Anywhere at all, but would really like to know whether "Anywhere" actually means being able to dictate into any target rather than being available anywhere via the cloud.


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