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Topic Title: Syncing commands between multiple computers
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Created On: 07/15/2021 04:18 AM
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 07/15/2021 04:18 AM
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Folks who use Dragon NaturallySpeaking in multiple computers, how do you keep your MyCmds.dat in sync? 

The only thing that used to sort of work for me is to put profiles of both computers in Google Drive, use Google Drive shortcut to have the MyCmds.dat files from both profiles to point to the same file, and use Google utility that makes Google drives appear as local drives. But I found that having the profiles in Google Drive resulted in more frequent profile corruption. 

Now I am back to using local profiles. What does everyone use for such syncing?





 07/15/2021 07:22 AM
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Well using Google Drive would be a solution but if you are getting profile corruptions it is obviously not ideal. I very very rarely get profile corruptions(once in a couple of years) so I'll put it down to Google Drive for now. That is not to say that I don't create a new profile occasionally and deliberately for a number of reasons.


Your other option is to use a USB stick and keep your profile on that and move it between computers, this also offers various security benefits. Failing that there is no easy way to synchronise the commands file other than manually doing so. Of course you could also look at a roaming user profile but you would need DPG for that and not DPI which you appear to be using according to your KnowBrainer profile.


I should also mention that having a user profile on a USB stick and sharing between multiple computers could be contrary to accuracy if the different computers are using different microphones/audio controllers which change the audio characteristics considered by the acoustic model.


 07/15/2021 11:20 AM
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+1 for roaming profiles available in DPG (syncing profiles over DropBox, GoogleDrive, OneDrive, etc. is fraught with vexing problems that don't go away even if you wait ages to make sure the syncing is completed each time).

Is the Data Distribution Tool available to you in DPI? It isn't just for new profiles, it also works on-the-fly with current profiles to update them.

Else, copy and paste just your MyCmds file to and from a sync'd directory to and from your various profiles. A Dragon command can easily both post that file to the sync directory, and restore from it to your profile location. With an external program (like AHK, or VBS) you can even close and re-open your profile by command (if pasting in the MyCmds doesn't work to update _while_ you are in a profile).




Remember folks, my comments and this forum are for entertainment value only, please, no wagering or other reliance on the contents herein.  I permit no commercial use of my ideas (whether expressions or embodiments) without my written consent.

 07/16/2021 11:46 AM
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I periodically export my commands from computer 1 into a shared dropbox folder, and periodically import the commands into computer 2. Occasionally I will go the other way, and export from computer 2 to computer 1, but most of my universal commands are created on computer 1.

For Knowbrainer however, I sync the command file directly using Syncthing. Unlike the brand-name cloud storage providers, Syncthing lets you set up a synchronized folder anywhere on the computer, so there's no need to move my Knowbrainer installation or fool my computer into thinking that a cloud storage folder is a local drive.


Dragon Professional Individual v15.6. Windows 10. Knowbrainer 2017.

 07/16/2021 08:48 PM
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I export my Dragon commands as XML, and then use git through a shared repository.

=> not only do I share, but I also git version control[*]


---+ Details

Actually I export my Dragon commands as UTF-16 XML, and then have scripts to convert it to UTF-8, and git that. you can actually get the UTF-16, but git's diff tools do not work on 16-bit data.


I am currently checking into a Microsoft OneDrive. I am actually a little bit concerned that this is going to have coherency problems[**] -- I do not know if OneDrive updates files atomically, and furthermore whether file locking for merging is also atomic.
quite likely there could be problems if the two systems simultaneously update. but since I and the only user of the two systems, true simultaneous access does not happen. However if the cloud Drive is slow to update when I moved from one system to the other there could be problems.

It would probably be better to git to a server accessible from all of the systems. I am just reluctant to do so, because everything exposed to the that is a security hole. Even if tunnelling through a firewall. I don't want the hassle of having to administer a remotely accessible system. I don't want to pay a host, and I'm not sure that this is an appropriate use of GitHub.




Note *: Distributed version control (DVCS) is a poor man's shared file system.   so that it is but I'm doing this on top of a different shared file system.


Note **: I have long expressed the opinion that one of the big advantages as well as shortcomings of UNIX is that it essentially  threw out all of the coherency control that previous operating systems used -  mainframe OSs, Multics, etc.   the user had to do her own coherency control, originally without the necessary primitives. Cloud filesystems like OneDrive and Google Drive  have taken this fuzzy coherency approach and made it universal. :-(


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 07/16/2021 11:48 PM
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Yay Multics! Decades ahead of its time...


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