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Topic Title: Zoom, Skype, etc.
Topic Summary: Any incompatibilities, problems when using DPI 15?
Created On: 03/23/2020 04:58 PM
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 03/23/2020 11:48 PM
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I use Skype with Dragon every day at work. There is certainly no problem dictating phone numbers and names of contacts. You can set up a custom command to call particular people, or call a dictated number. I haven't used Zoom yet, but expect to in the next week.

 03/24/2020 05:10 PM
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The main problem I have had is that I want to use the same headset/mic for both speech/Dragon/KB and conferencing (e.g. Zoom).


Some apps, like Zoom, by default mute themselves if you mute Dragon, e.g. if you say "stop listening" or "microphone off" to Dragon. Or, similar, unmute themselves if you unmute your headset on the headset itself, to talk to Dragon.


(I was in a Google Hangout Meet yesterday, and afterwards realized that much of my conversation had been dictated into OneNote. I could swear that I had manually hit "microphone off" for Dragon, but perhaps not.)


Recently I found a Zoom option that decouples Zoom mute/unmute from the mute/unmute on your headset (which is often tied to mute/unmute at the PC).  ... I will add to this post if I can recall whedre this option is.


Unfortunately, this means that you have to manually keep two or three mute buttons in sync. Or, rather, you have to ensure that Dragon mute and Zoom mute are exclusive, and remember to unmute yourself at the OS or in your headset if you want to talk to either app.


I have NOT found a really smooth way of switching between separate voice using apps, that does not result in multiple mute confusion.  Heck, I bought my headset because it can supposedly switch seamlessly between phone and PC - but even that is unreliable (mainly because I want to switch between smartphone used as a computer itself using the phone's own speech recognition when using it, and PC - not so much voice calls.)






I had such a problem in a meeting this morning:

I was one of a large audience.

Was wearing my Sennheiser headset, connected to Dragon.

Zoom meeting app running, with sound output and input to devices completely separate from my Sennheiser headset (the speaker in mike in my laptop).

I sometimes try to get this to work so that I can take voice notes while the meeting is going on - my voice muted to the meeting, but unmuted to Dragon.  (Although in this case it just happened because I am migrating off a dead PC, and haven't settled down on my sound device configuration.)

However, this morning when I pressed the physical unmute button on my headset, it unjuted me to the entire meeting. Even though my headset was not Zoom's sound input.



DPG15.6 (also DPI 15.3) + KB, Sennheiser MB Pro 1 UC ML, BTD 800 dongle, Windows 10 Pro, MS Surface Book 3, Intel Core i7-1065G7 CPU @ 1.3/1.5GHz (4 cores, 8 logical, GPU=NVIDIA Quadro RTX 3000 with Max-Q Design.

 04/21/2020 06:20 AM
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The "multi-mute-confusion" is caused by having only one hardware for different applications, so you won't get a general solution.

If you have a headset with built-in mute switch, you can mute your microphone for ANY application that wants to record audio (regardless whether this audio is to be transcribed into text or sent across the wire by a conferencing app).

But if your mike hardware is "on", then any application can capture your speech, even several applications in parallel. There is no general way to say that only a single application should be allowed to record audio at any time (thus muting all the other applications automatically).

And even if there were, you'd still have to tell the computer somehow which appllication you want your audio to process.

We had something similar with another hardware resource: our dictation management system allows control by hand microphone buttons/sliders (e.g. Philips SpeechMike, Grundig Digta ProMic, Olympus DR-xxx).

If you press the "Record" button you want to turn the microphone on, but what happens if two or more applications that can be controlled by this single handheld mike are running in parallel?

Usually you don't want to record a digital dictation AND perform speech recognition on the same dictation in parallel, but each application has to know that it's supposed to record once the record button is being pressed.

Our solution was to transfer control to the application that last got interacted with (got focus) and to signal to all other applications to give up their control, but unless you actually click the desired application, the computer simply cannot know what you want.

Same with muting audio input in different applications.



 04/21/2020 11:48 AM
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Originally posted by: Ag The main problem I have had is that I want to use the same headset/mic for both speech/Dragon/KB and conferencing (e.g. Zoom).


Some apps, like Zoom, by default mute themselves if you mute Dragon, e.g. if you say "stop listening" or "microphone off" to Dragon.



That is not possible and it doesn't happen so you are confusing yourself somewhere. "Microphone Off" and "Stop Listening" Dragon commands do nothing to the audio hardware (Windows sound system) and do not affect other applications when in sleep mode or microphone off mode. They are software switches within Dragon which is why it is very easy to use an application like Skype and Dragon at the same time. Basically write a voice command to answer the Skype voice call and turn off the Dragon microphone at the same time either by putting it in sleep mode or microphone off mode (red icon).


Many applications that do use a Mute function do actually mute the microphone on the Windows sound system audio hardware and thus affect other applications (as explained by Mav above and zoom maybe one of them, don't know never tried muting microphone with it, but under no circumstances does Dragon do this).  Dragon does get involved with adjusting microphone recording levels in the Windows sound system/audio hardware when setting up microphones (and even occasionally when you have the "automatically adjust microphone" setting on) but not with those commands.


Speechstart+ wouldn't work if "microphone off" or "stop listening" actually muted the microphone on the windows audio system. The initial reason I created Speechstart+ was to stop Dragon waking up from sleep mode when speaking on a Skype call. That is "wake up" or "stop listening" can easily be "heard" (usually incorrectly) by Dragon when you are engaging in normal conversation on a Skype call (enter havoc&hellip whereas the Speechstart+ "microphone on" command is far more robust and should never get triggered unless you actually say "microphone on".




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