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Topic Title: Window Positioning Macros - SpeechStart and others - for remote apps
Topic Summary: That DO work with Citrix Receiver remote application windows
Created On: 02/10/2015 02:59 PM
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 02/10/2015 10:58 PM
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AHK not in scope for this forum, but here you go, I have it adapted so win-down first restores a max'd win then pressing it again (or if the win is already not full-screen) moves it while keeping the dimensions to my other screen:

#NoEnv  ; Recommended for performance and compatibility with future AutoHotkey releases.

#Warn  ; Enable warnings to assist with detecting common errors.

SendMode Input  ; Recommended for new scripts due to its superior speed and reliability.

SetWorkingDir %A_ScriptDir%  ; Ensures a consistent starting directory.

; Mods (C) 2014 PG Service with all rights to underlying reserved as per below:

; MsgBox Hello World

;; -----------------------------------------------------------------------

;; Fling (or shift) a window from one monitor to the next in a multi-monitor system.


;; Function Parameters:


;;      WinID            The window ID of the window to move. There are two special WinID

;;                     values supported:


;;                     1) The value "A" means to use the Active window (default).

;;                     2) The value "M" means to use the window currently under the Mouse.


;; KeepRelativeSize    If true (default), the flung window is resized so as to keep

;;    the same *relative* size with respect to its new window. If false,

;;    the original window dimensions are preserved.


;;      FlingDirection      The direction of the fling, expected to be either +1 (default) or -1.

;;                    The function is not limited to just two monitors; it supports

;;                    as many monitors as are currently connected to the system and

;;                  can fling a window serially through each of them in turn.


;; The flinged window will be resized to have the same *relative* size in the new monitor.

;; For example, if the window originally occupied the entire right half of the screen,

;; it will again on the new monitor (assuming the window can be resized).


;; Minimized windows are not modified; they are left exactly where they were.


;; The return value of the function is non-zero if the window was successfully flung.


;; Example hotkeys:

   #Down::   Win__Fling("A")   ; Windows-Down arrow flings the active window, keeping scaling

;;   #LButton::       Win__Fling("M")   ; Windows-LeftClick flings the window under the mouse

;;   #RButton::       Win__Fling("M", false)   ; Windows-RightClick flings the window under the

;; ;  mouse and keeps its original dimensions


;; Copyright (c) 2010 Patrick Sheppard

;; All Rights Reserved

Win__Fling(WinID, KeepRelativeSize = true, FlingDirection = 1)


   ; Figure out which window to move based on the "WinID" function parameter:

   ;   1) The letter "A" means to use the Active window

   ;   2) The letter "M" means to use the window under the Mouse

   ; Otherwise, the parameter value is assumed to be the AHK window ID of the window to use.

   if (WinID = "A")


      ; If the user supplied an "A" as the window ID, we use the Active window

      WinID := WinExist("A")


   else if (WinID = "M")


      ; If the user supplied an "M" as the window ID, we use the window currently under the Mouse

      MouseGetPos, MouseX, MouseY, WinID      ; MouseX & MouseY are retrieved but, for now, not used


   ; Check to make sure we are working with a valid window

   IfWinNotExist, ahk_id %WinID%


      ; Make a short noise so the user knows to stop expecting something fun to happen.

      SoundPlay, *64


      ; Debug Support

      ;MsgBox, 16, Window Fling: Error, Specified window does not exist.`nWindow ID = %WinID%

      return 0


   ; Here's where we find out just how many monitors we're dealing with

   SysGet, MonitorCount, MonitorCount

   if (MonitorCount <= 1)


      ; Honestly, there's not much to do in a one-monitor system

      return 1


   ; For each active monitor, we get Top, Bottom, Left, Right of the monitor's

   ;  'Work Area' (i.e., excluding taskbar, etc.). From these values we compute Width and Height.

   ;  Results get put into variables named like "Monitor1Top" and "Monitor2Width", etc.,

   ;  with the monitor number embedded in the middle of the variable name.

   Loop, %MonitorCount%


      SysGet, Monitor%A_Index%, MonitorWorkArea, %A_Index%

      Monitor%A_Index%Width  := Monitor%A_Index%Right  - Monitor%A_Index%Left

      Monitor%A_Index%Height := Monitor%A_Index%Bottom - Monitor%A_Index%Top


   ; Retrieve the target window's original minimized / maximized state

   WinGet, WinOriginalMinMaxState, MinMax, ahk_id %WinID%

   ; We don't do anything with minimized windows (for now... this may change)

   if (WinOriginalMinMaxState = -1)


      ; Debatable as to whether or not this should be flagged as an error

      return 0



   ; If the window started out maximized, then the plan is to:

   ;   (a) restore it,

   ;   (b) fling it, then

   ;   (c) re-maximize it on the target monitor.


   ; The reason for this is so that the usual maximize / restore windows controls

   ; work as you'd expect. You want Windows to use the dimensions of the non-maximized

   ; window when you click the little restore icon on a previously flung (maximized) window.


   if (WinOriginalMinMaxState = 1)


      ; Restore a maximized window to its previous state / size ... before "flinging".


      ; Programming Note: It would be nice to hide the window before doing this ...

      ; the window does some visual calisthenics that the user may construe as a bug.

      ; Unfortunately, if you hide a window then you can no longer work with it.

      WinRestore, ahk_id %WinID%

      return 1  ;  I'm done -- I only want to restore a maxed win


   ; Retrieve the target window's original (non-maximized) dimensions

   WinGetPos, WinX, WinY, WinW, WinH, ahk_id %WinID%

   ; Find the point at the centre of the target window then use it

   ; to determine the monitor to which the target window belongs

   ; (windows don't have to be entirely contained inside any one monitor's area).


   WinCentreX := WinX + WinW / 2

   WinCentreY := WinY + WinH / 2

   CurrMonitor = 0

   Loop, %MonitorCount%


      if (    (WinCentreX >= Monitor%A_Index%Left) and (WinCentreX < Monitor%A_Index%Right )

          and (WinCentreY >= Monitor%A_Index%Top ) and (WinCentreY < Monitor%A_Index%Bottom))


         CurrMonitor = %A_Index%




   ; Compute the number of the next monitor in the direction of the specified fling (+1 or -1)

   ;  Valid monitor numbers are 1..MonitorCount, and we effect a circular fling.

   NextMonitor := CurrMonitor + FlingDirection

   if (NextMonitor > MonitorCount)


      NextMonitor = 1


   else if (NextMonitor <= 0)


      NextMonitor = %MonitorCount%


   ; Scale the position / dimensions of the target window by the ratio of the monitor sizes.

   ; Programming Note: Do multiplies before divides in order to maintain accuracy in the integer calculation.

   WinFlingX := (WinX - Monitor%CurrMonitor%Left) * Monitor%NextMonitor%Width  // Monitor%CurrMonitor%Width  + Monitor%NextMonitor%Left

   WinFlingY := (WinY - Monitor%CurrMonitor%Top ) * Monitor%NextMonitor%Height // Monitor%CurrMonitor%Height + Monitor%NextMonitor%Top


   if KeepRelativeSize


  WinFlingW :=  WinW * Monitor%NextMonitor%Width  // Monitor%CurrMonitor%Width

      WinFlingH :=  WinH * Monitor%NextMonitor%Height // Monitor%CurrMonitor%Height




      WinFlingW := WinW

  WinFlingH := WinH


   ; It's time for the target window to make its big move

   WinMove, ahk_id %WinID%,, WinFlingX, WinFlingY, WinFlingW, WinFlingH

   ; If the window used to be maximized, maximize it again on its new monitor

   if (WinOriginalMinMaxState = 1)


      WinMaximize, ahk_id %WinID%


   return 1




Remember folks, my comments and this forum are for entertainment value only, please, no wagering or other reliance on the contents herein.  I permit no commercial use of my ideas (whether expressions or embodiments) without my written consent.

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