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Topic Title: compatibility issues
Topic Summary: how do I changes the windows compatibility`
Created On: 04/02/2022 12:23 PM
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 04/04/2022 02:19 PM
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Originally posted by: Lunis Orcutt We hyperlink contributor addresses so often that we simply looked for a more efficient way to do this. There are no other special hotkeys other than ^K which opens the hyperlink field. ^K is often used in all browsers


Yes, ^K is widely used for links, but I've never seen it used quite this way,  or I never realized that it worked this way.   


for example,  in chrome,


when I'm doing a quick reply In the KnowBrainer forum

^K  by itself goes to the address bar. 

As does your ^c^k  sequence, Whether or  not there is a selection


 whereas when I'm doing ordinary reply  In the KnowBrainer forum

^K  by itself  does nothing that I can tell

^C^K  does nothing if there is no selection, I.e. if the clipboard is empty on ^K

but selection ^C^K pops up  the link  dialog


and when I am in Gmail in Chrome

^K  by itself   pops up the link dialog

^C^K  pops up the pre-populated link dialog

 Gmail is of course quite idiosyncratic,
 but the GitHub wiki is fairly generic web browser text box from chrome
 and it behaves the same way as the quick reply in the KnowBrainer forum

^K  by itself goes to the address bar ( if the clipboard is empty)

^C^K  both the address bar if no selection

selection ^C ^K  also goes to the address bar



so I think I'm fairly justified in saying that  behavior where ^K  pops up a dialogue only if the clipboard is nonempty is strange and unusual. at least it's certainly not typical of chrome


The principle of least surprise would say that ^K  would pop up the DialogBox with the title text empty if the clipboard is empty.


But anyway, I'm not complaining as much as wondering how common this behavior is, and if it is something that I should be looking for in other idiosyncratic apps.


OK, I am complaining,  as far as I can tell this is a violation of the Microsoft user-interface guidelines.    and certainly a violation of the principle of least surprise, and inconsistent with most other uses of ^K  as a hyperlink  keyboard shortcut.


but I don't really care about the complaints so much,  as trying to figure out how common this behavior is.  is it an artifact just of the KnowBrainer forum, or more likely an artifact of the text box editor that is used when doing reply but not quick reply. -  which AFAICT is



BTW, Is there an easy way  in a Dragon script to tell what sort of JavaScript is controlling the text/edit box?  since such JavaScript's are used many places, it might be possible to figure out the various idiosyncrasies  of the WYSIWYG HTML editor, and use that to make generic accommodations.   i.e. instead of having Windows specific commands for a dozen windows that use the same editor, just check to see what editor is  being used.







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