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Topic Title: SpeechStart+ "restart Dragon" feature request
Topic Summary: When the voice command doesn't work, let me select the command from a menu in the taskbar tray
Created On: 09/08/2022 08:47 AM
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 09/08/2022 08:47 AM
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I use the "restart Dragon" command in SpeechStart+ all the time, and I really appreciate it. However, every once in a while, SpeechStart+ doesn't recognize my command.

I insert I would like to be able to go to the taskbar and right click on the blue Apple icon and select an option listed as "restart Dragon". It is a very useful feature as it kills Dragon, KnowBrainer, and SpeechStart+ and restart all of them in the right order. I end up having to do this manually. Sometimes I can get away with just restarting SpeechStart+ and then calling up the voice command "restart Dragon". But a mouse-selected version of this command would be a nice backup option.


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 09/08/2022 09:41 AM
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How about stopping/restarting all of these applications in one go (in the correct order) or individually with a systemwide Hotkey of your choice, or via simple desktop shortcuts or start menu entries?


With the Dragon & VC Restart module featured in SP 7 PRO you can completely fine-tune this process (and it includes automatic cleaning up of ghost tray icons). 


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 09/08/2022 01:11 PM
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Great minds: I've just been writing and AutoHotKey GUI widget, mostly to control my "dictation mitigation" feature, but while I'm at it I have added or and adding stuff like

display whether Dragon is running or not (annoyingly it is sometimes hard to tell when Dragon is nonresponsive)
and optionally provide the option of killing/restarting Dragon

display the Dragon recognition mode normal/command/dictation/number/spelling
and optionally control

display/control my "lowercase lock" feature, because sometimes I find Dragon's capitalization so bloody annoying that I just want to turn all uppercase letters off.

Display/control CapsLock/NumLock/ScrollLock/insert

TBD: GUI widget control for the Dragon microphone and PTT


for good measure, since from time to time my speech commands emit a keypress down keyboard event without a keypress up keyboard event

I also display the status of shift/control/window/alt

I don't need to provide GUI buttons to control these, because I usually have a keyboard that has these keys, unlike my normal keyboard which does not have NumLock or ScrollLock or insert keys, and where I usually disable CapsLock

But I also provide a button to clear all or most stuck keys, capslock+ plus and shifts and ...


yes, this GUI widget is too big ... I can only tolerate it because I have a lot of displays. I also try to arrange things so that the most important displays and buttons are in the upper left corner, so I can change the window size and only see the things that are important.


I find this better than having a lot of different hotkeys, because there are never enough hotkeys. I have one hotkey to focus this GUI Dragon and keyboard status widget, and then keyboard shortcuts within the widget. This is a generic trick, like GNU Emacs 's multi-key keyboard commands.


I have described my "dictation mitigation" feature elsewhere, but briefly, especially since I renamed it

I find that many of my speech command problems occur in applications that have a lot of keyboard shortcuts that involve ordinary printable keys, like "A", rather than keys that have modifiers like ctl+A.

the problem arises when he speech command is misrecognizes dictation, and then a whole slew of dictation is interpreted by the application as lots of different ordinary printable keyboard shortcuts.

I originally called this the "kill_letter" feature, but it turns out that I'm killing not just letters but also digits and pre-much any punctuation character that ordinary dictation emits.

I am now starting to call this the "dictation mitigation" feature, or in more detail the " speech command misrecognized as dictation misinterpreted as unmodified keyboard shortcuts mitigation" feature.


anyway, enough blather, I'm just piling on because I heartily agree with you about the desire to have some speech command actions like "restart Dragon" that are also nonspeech actions, like hotkeys or taskbar or ... I use AutoHotKey GUI widgets because I have the screen space, I can always minimize him or put them in the system tray, and it avoids consuming scarce global hotkeys.

1 of the advantages of me coding almost all of my speech commands in AutoHotKey rather than Dragon Basic is that I can fairly easily share the same code between a speech command, a GUI widget, a mouse or keyboard shortcut, etc.


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 09/08/2022 02:09 PM
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Lunis Orcutt
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With your current set up, the SpeechStart+ RESTART Dragon command is the best way to go but if it doesn't work, try your KnowBrainer 2020 Restart Windows command. Also note your KnowBrainer Shutdown Windows command, which is bulletproof but requires Dragon


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