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Topic Title: Dragonfly Programmers/Users?
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Created On: 09/13/2014 10:48 PM
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 04/26/2017 09:49 AM
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Thanks for the reply.

Do you mean the dragon engine doesn't run scripts as fast as Dragonfly?
I use dragon professional individual v15 I suppose I could downgrade to an earlier version though. But I think I would also have to downgrade from windows 10 because as far as I know Dragonfly will not run on windows 10.

I have written some custom commands with the version of dragon I'm using and they seem to run ok.

I actually have the knowbrainer software, the 2008 version, but don't think it works with Dragon professional individual v15, how do I upgrade?

I do like the look of the voice code software that is currently only available for mac but I have a desktop pc, I'm looking to buy a laptop but getting a decent configuration mac book pro to run speech recognition well, is so much more expensive than for example buying a dell xps 13 of a high spec.

Being able to chain commands with Dragonfly or voice code would be good but I'm not sure I'm a fast enough coder to need to chain commands just now.

Also do you know if Dragonfly comes with a library of pre defined commands?





Dragon Professional Group 15.71 with knowbrainer 2017 professional and speech start.

 04/26/2017 05:21 PM
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Originally posted by: rob far as I know Dragonfly will not run on windows 10. 


...Also do you know if Dragonfly comes with a library of pre defined commands?


I have not done it, but I don't remember hearing any problem with Dragonfly on Windows 10.  Seems like it should work, but maybe I'm missing something.  Do you have a source for that?


Dragonfly is open source.  The community isn't huge, and the orginal source is many years old.  The documentation is good, but fragmented, and if you follow it, you find errors here and there.  I love it and use it extensively, but my point is, unless you're already a decent programmer or excited about a significant project and learning curve, it's probably not what you want.  As Lunis pointed out, Dragonfly doesn't work with the latest version of DNS (v.15), and we have no idea if this issue with ever be fixed.  So, if you decided to jump in now, you're taking a risk that you won't ever be able to upgrade your DNS version.


All that said, there are a lot of reasons why some people have favored the various open source, NatLink-based solutions (Vocola, Unimacro, Dragonfly, ?) over DNS's Advanced Scripting.  A big one seems to be continuous command recognition.  As far as I know, you can't do this with DNS's Advanced Scripting.  There are a ton of other reasons, too many to list here.  For me, avoiding VBScript, using a non-proprietary solution, having complete access to the Python ecosystem of libraries, are a few.


In terms of "pre-defined commands":  I don't think that installing Dragonfly will create any pre-defined commands.  Many people, however, have created and published numerous command modules for dragonfly, modules you can copy/re-use freely.  You can find some examples here:


A few other Dragonfly resources:

- a treasure trove of info and links on dragonfly and related


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