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Topic Title: Dragonfly Programmers/Users?
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Created On: 09/13/2014 10:48 PM
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 02/04/2016 05:03 PM
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Hey all!

As soon as my microphone arrives I'll try to set up DNS 13 premium + Dragonfly. I'm having pain in my elbows, so I'm very interested in voice programming! Its great to read that a lot of people are working on this topic and share their knowledge, although it's a bit confusing to me where to start because there seem to be a lot of different approachs how to structure your grammar and so on.

@synkarius Caster looks great! I'll definitively try this to control my mouse. I hope that I can take your project as a starting point for / while learning how to code for Dragonly and at best contribute to your project, if you approve! I'm unsure where to ask if I'm having question questions how to use Caster. E.g. I could not find in the CasterQuickReference0.5.3.pdf information on how to navigate in textfiles / an IDE (how to move X lines up / down or Y chars to the left / right). Is the Issue section on GitHub the right place for this? At the moment most of the questions and issues seem to be related to development and I'm not sure if these user questions / discussions fit there.

 02/04/2016 08:18 PM
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Hi Baukran.


Thank you for the compliment! Welcome aboard; both your contributions and questions are welcome and encouraged. Probably the best place to get your questions answered would be in the Github chat. There are a handful of experienced Caster users/developers in there who are pretty good about that. Obviously, they're good at Dragonfly too.


As for simple navigation commands for text editors (and IDEs), try the "shin", "queue", and "fly" commands from section 4 of the Quick Reference, and the directional commands from the end of section 2. Some examples:


"shin" - highlight one character (shift+right -- right is the default)

"queue" - highlight one word (ctrl+shift+right -- right is the default)

"fly two" - move the cursor ahead two words (ctrl+right x2 -- right is the default)

"queue lease" - highlight one word left (shift+left)

"shin dunce five" - highlight five lines down from the cursor (shift+down x5)

"sauce five" - move the cursor up five lines (up x5)


There are also IDE-specific commands for Eclipse, Atom, Sublime, MSVC, Emacs, Pycharm/IntelliJ, and Visual Studio, and very soon, advanced line ops (navigation/search) commands for those IDEs. Those are not documented, but if you open up the respective .py files in the /apps/ folder, you can see them. 


Caster : DNS/Dragonfly voice programming freeware

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