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Topic Title: Pasted text issue with Text Formates
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Created On: 01/10/2022 02:12 PM
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 Pasted text issue with Text Formates   - Robert Snow - 01/10/2022 02:12 PM  
 Pasted text issue with Text Formates   - Lunis Orcutt - 01/10/2022 03:30 PM  
 Pasted text issue with Text Formates   - ax - 01/11/2022 01:28 AM  
 Pasted text issue with Text Formates   - ax - 01/11/2022 04:30 PM  
 01/10/2022 02:12 PM
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Robert Snow
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Joined: 04/18/2017

Windows 10 Pro 64bit

Dragon 15.63



S I'm having a lot of problems placing my topic onto this forum. I create my message in OneNote or Dragon. In this case Dragon 15.6161. My issue is none of my formatting carries over to this forum. Things like bold, font color, underlining, and especially line spacing. Everything that I upload to this forum lacks the text formatting.


S So, for example I listed below what this message should contain. You should see in this message all the formatting. I will just paste this message into this forum.


S I'm using Calibri Western 10. Here is the formatting that should be displayed in this message.

Win 10 Pro 64bit (Bold Underline Blue)

Dragon 15.63                (Red Bold and Tab)        

OneNote                (Aqua Bold and Tab)


S Line Spacing                (Bold Underline)

  • Line spacing between words - OneNote & I'm having a lot...
  • Line spacing between words - message. & So, for example...
  • Line spacing between words - will have a... & I'm using Calibri…
  • Line Spacing    (Bold Underline) Should be underlined.
  • All 5 lines, here and 4 above, should show a Small Round Bullet.


S Color and Bold is missing. Also Line spacing exaggerated.


S I'm just pasting the above OneNote text, Office 365 DeskTop, into my KnowBrainer message. The "S" at start of line is to help me with knowing where the line spacing should be.


S I also noticed that when creating the message within forum and use bold, the bold will show up in the text edit, but when I save message the bold does not appear.



S This is how it looks in Dragon 15.61, Windows 10 Pro 64 bit.


 01/10/2022 03:30 PM
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Lunis Orcutt
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The company that created the technology in this forum went out of business so whatever doesn't work will continue not to work.


Bold formatting has never worked and unfortunately, never will

With the exception of underline, your text formatting will be changed to this forums defaults. With the exception of underlining, you can only paste Plain Text

If you wish to create separate paragraphs, you will need to use hard paragraphs which require pressing {Shift+Enter}, rather than soft paragraphs which only require {Enter}. This is why we added the Hard Paragraph command to KnowBrainer in 1999. More recently we added Hard Paragraph <dictation>. If you cut and paste from Microsoft Word {Enter} separations should work but probably not from OneNote. Because the our manufacturer has abandoned this technology, there is nothing that can be done. We chose this company because they did Dell and were the most expensive forum created. Anytime you buy into a forum technology, you are gambling they will stick around. We lost that bet


Change "No" to "Know" w/KnowBrainer 2022
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(615) 884-4558 ex 1

 01/11/2022 01:28 AM
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On-call again and it's another lock-down!  When is it gonna end?  Everyone around me is answering with a shrug.

Anyway, colleagues of mine tweet.  I just hang out here, while waiting for on-call nurse, so together we can alleviate some suffering, and pay mortgage.

Some formatting can be done but cumbersome and there are probably multiple ways to exfoliate this kitten, as is the case with HTML/CSS sort of things.  Perhaps one day when Mark (mdl)'s mark-down/mark-up transfer tool materializes, it will make it all transparent and easy.  In the meantime, one can use some free tool that begins with "A" and ends with "K" to reformat Ctr-b with any WinTitle beginning with KnowBrainer to add the tags below around XXX:

Of course, more stylish would be to use KB or Advanced Script commands to directly voicify it.

Anyhow, go to Edit HTML Source window, and apply above tags in order to bold XXX.  And this should stick with editing.

P.S., when it comes to actual HTML/CSS knowledge, mine is at senior kindergarten level - shy of even elementary.  But one gotta start somewhere.

 01/11/2022 04:30 PM
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Decent introductory site to "amuse" oneself with, in case the boredom of lockdown drives one to ... keep in mind that the liver can only take so much.

One can supposedly emphasize even more strongly with font-weight:900 ... although looks to me to be about the same as "regular bold", at least in the current font.

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