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Topic Title: VA no longer supporting advanced scripting
Topic Summary: Do I have time to panic?
Created On: 07/14/2020 09:13 AM
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 VA no longer supporting advanced scripting   - Fmen - 07/14/2020 09:13 AM  
 VA no longer supporting advanced scripting   - Lunis Orcutt - 07/14/2020 07:47 PM  
 VA no longer supporting advanced scripting   - Fmen - 07/16/2020 03:57 PM  
 VA no longer supporting advanced scripting   - asaabmd - 07/21/2021 05:26 PM  
 VA no longer supporting advanced scripting   - Alan Cantor - 07/21/2021 11:38 PM  
 07/14/2020 09:13 AM
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I use hundreds of indispensible complex advanced and legacy scripts that make running my clinic tolerable. It looks like the best they have to offer is converting them to step-by-step scripts. Most of my Advanced Scripting commands cannot be rewritten as Step-by-Step commands. I know there are quite a few VA providers on the forum. What do we do?



Why do Advanced Scripting commands need to be converted?
• VHA is converting soon from DMNE to Dragon Medical One (DMO).
• Profile migration from DMNE to DMO preserves Text and Graphics and Step-by-Step commands.
• Nuance is performing this migration.
• DMO does not support Macro Recorder or Advanced Scripting commands.
• Most Advanced Scripting commands can be rewritten as Step-by-Step commands, which will be immediately usable in DMNE and then usable in DMO after the migration. If the following script functions are the only ones used, the command can be rewritten.
• SendKeys
• SendDragonKeys
• Wait
• SetMicrophone
• For Advanced Scripting commands that cannot be converted, as well as Macro Recorder commands, consider reimplementing them using a VA-approved external utility such as Asutype or Macro Express.
• In case a user has too many Advanced Scripting commands than would be practical to rewrite, Nuance has developed a conversion utility and can convert commands upon request.


 07/14/2020 07:47 PM
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Lunis Orcutt
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You cannot convert most Advanced-Scripting commands into step-by-step because there is a world of difference. You may be able to re-create some of your commands as step-by-step but the most likely reason you chose Advanced Scripting is because you needed more.


Hospitals often purchase DMO because Nuance performs a great dog and pony show but they really don't want you to purchase DMPE 4.3 because they only make their profit once. DMO keeps giving and giving; at the tune of $99 per month.


DMO has some advantages but in our opinion, those advantages don't outweigh the cons and efficiency should be high on your list.


Another reason we are mentioning this is because DMO can't use KnowBrainer 2017 (w/2020 AI Commands) VerbalBasic I which includes artificial intelligence. HOWEVER, VerbalBasic I is about to look a little anemic. We will soon be releasing Multistep VerbalBasic II. Creating a VB command with VerbalBasic I (1st generation) ran somewhere between 7 and 10 times faster than typing VB. VerbalBasic II (2nd generation) will run about 10 times faster than VerbalBasic I. The following is an example of constructing what we are currently calling Multistep VB II and will work in both Dragon and KnowBrainer.


Example #1 is a picture of the following 5 movements to create a command called “In-Your-Face” and note that the name even appears in Title Case. Example #2 is a breakdown that displays the 5 steps required to create this command in under 3 seconds. The following script will create a 5 step command which includes 3 menu items, naming the command and saving the script with one utterance. The wait times are now added automatically and can easily be edited because the last wait time is highlighted so that you can dictate a different number. The following command begins by creating a new Advanced-Scripting command,  presses {Alt+E} (to open the Edit Menu), adds a 2/10 of a sencond wait time, presses {G}, adds a 2/10s of a second  wait time, presses {A}, moves the cursor to the MyCommand name field, types In-Your-Face (in Title Case) and saves the command. Obviously there will be less drastic option that won't automatically save the command but we just wanted to give you an idea of how far you could take it. To create thie command you would say: Script Out <Alt or Alternate> <Echo or E><Golf or G> <Alpha or A> <in your face> and note that several naming options are included such as the NATO alphabet, standard alphabet shorter versions of Alternate and Control respectively Alt and Con. SendKeys and wait times are automatically generated. You command might sound like Script Out Alt Echo Golf Alpha in your face or Script Out Alternate E G A in your face.



The VB II concept is to create a much easier blazing fast version of VerbalBasic. And yes, VerbalBasic Lite and VerbalBasic Full will both be included. However, you will only be able to use VerbalBasic Lite in Dragon. 


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 07/16/2020 03:57 PM
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Yup, panic time!
I guess there aren't very many people scripting commands in the VA to make a difference.
 07/21/2021 05:26 PM
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Macro Express works great and it cheap.  You can try it free for one month.  You can use it to create most of the advanced scripting commands.  It is much easier to use than advanced scripting.  You do not need to be proficient in Visual Basic or any programming.

 07/21/2021 11:38 PM
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Alan Cantor
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I'm a big fan of Macro Express. I agree it's an excellent product, easier to learn than Advanced Scripting, and very inexpensive. (I recovered the cost of Macro Express in improved productivity is less than a day.) I've had success using Macro Express to create commands activated by Dragon. For example, I'll use Macro Express to create a hotkey macro triggered by Ctrl + Q, and then create this Advanced Scripting command:

Sub Main
SendSystemKeys "{Ctrl+q}"
End Sub

However, there are many Dragon tasks that cannot be done with Macro Express. For example, there are no list commands, and list commands are essential to my workflow. (An example of a list command is "move down <1to100>" -- a single command that takes just a minute to develop and consists of a line or two of code performs 100 different actions.)
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