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Topic Title: Dragon Medical One and The Allscripts ?.
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Created On: 07/03/2021 08:32 AM
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 Dragon Medical One and The Allscripts ?.   - jackyjoy123 - 07/03/2021 08:32 AM  
 Dragon Medical One and The Allscripts ?.   - ax - 07/03/2021 10:37 AM  
 Dragon Medical One and The Allscripts ?.   - Lunis Orcutt - 07/03/2021 12:46 PM  
 07/03/2021 08:32 AM
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Using old versions of dragon there use to be a macro recorder that I could assign a mouse click to the button in allscripts. now with dragon medical one, there is no macro recorder so I can't assign a voice command to click this button in the picture attached (there is no keyboard shortcut or tab function to get to it).  anyone have any ideas how I can create a voice command to move the mouse and click this button?



 07/03/2021 10:37 AM
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Not a DMO user myself.  However, I kinda gleaned some of the ups and downs by hanging out here and through colleagues who use it.

As we all know, not unlike buying a house this year, DMO has shoved into us a "pay more get less" pill to swallow.  Don't like expensive house?  You can always live on the street.  Or move to Tennessee (or is it Kentucky?).  Or don't use Dragon.

No outright solutions you can implement in the next 2 to 3 hours unless you get some help (I am being presumptuous here thinking 99% you are a busy doc just like everyone else, and not exactly a programming/scripting "hobbyist").  Having said that, if you have the most rudimentary programming/tinkering experience from high-school (or simply a desire to do so), AutoHotKey should get you up and running on a few screen coordinate mouseclicking in no more than a few hours - assumming a total noob getting acquainted with everything.

Now I will venture to you the 3 approaches I can think of:

1. Dust off your old Dragon Medical or get one of the remaining licenses of DMPE 4.3 and be happy.  Lunis still sells them.  No I don't get commission from him for mentioning that.  I am a "volunteer" here, simply because I like this place and I learn from folks here.

2. Get in touch with "Monkey8"/Lindsay who is a programming guru around here.  He may very well have been deep-diving into C++ with some "bespoke" solutions as we speak.  See this thread.  This wouldn't be a "free solution" nor should it be.

3. Learn a tiny bit of AutoHotKey as mentioned above.  It has an unavoidable learning curve.  But the curve is considered the mildest and most beginner-friendly as far as elementary RPA goes on Windows.  You can take that statement as "truth by acclamation", at least until Lindsay formally publishes his methods.


Now how do you approach your task on AHK?

Start out with some AHK basics on their website.  Very basic stuff on Click (or Mouseclick) and Coordmode, and look at examples such as this.  You can use the very old AU3_Spy.exe they inherited from AutoIt or the newer bundled WindowSpy.ahk to find out the screen coordinates of the buttons of your interest.

You don't need to bind your tiny script (if it's just one button you want to click) to even a hotkey.  But if you do so then you should be able to call up that hotkey that you made with AHK from DMO's Step-by-step utility, and have the hotkey as a "backup".  You can "compile" your 3 or 5-liner AHK script with or without hotkey into an AHK executable and then call up the executable with a step-by-step voice command under DMO.

AHK forum has a very active DISORD community, where you can poke your head in and ask all sorts of questions.  Not to mention their help forum.  

Here is a Pro tip, and I do mean "Pro".  You and I are "Pros" in our sense as doctors with a million tasks coming out of our pores.  We can't and don't want to be programmers (and I personally don't have what it takes).  But certain tools you have to get a grasp of if you and I want to do some "harm mitigation" for our own sake.  Otherwise the Medical-Informatics-Industrial-Complex that good ol' Ike railed against will run us over like roadkills.

I spent a good few days of painful time around 3 years ago learning me some elementary Javascript from that W3 tutorial site and Stackoverflow.  It was productive and painful.  I'd even say rewarding (in fact to the extent possible, everyone should do a bit of that, just like woodwork, which I personally could sadly do none but wish every week otherwise). 


But my approach 3 years ago was not "cost-effective".  When I needed some working knowledge on CSS selectors, I simply hired a tutor on Codementor.  Two x 1-hour sessions later I was good-to-take-over the simple stuff myself.

Anyway, YMMV.

But I truly believe that I am giving you "sage advice".

All the best.  Now my call starts and I should vanish from here ... unless big bad Redmond commits crime against my modem again.

 07/03/2021 12:46 PM
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Lunis Orcutt
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Ax contributed lots of excellent recommendations so we will just answer the “why” part of your question. While DMPE 4.3.1 (Dragon Medical w/Ver. 15.51 Speech Engine) would allow you to do everything you are accustomed to on steroids, you would still have to pay $1600. We suspect that the hospital or clinic is leasing Dragon Medical One (DMO) for you and you didn't have to pay $1600 upfront with $1200 annual payments. Yes, Nuance makes far more profit with this program but in order to make it work from the cloud, they had to sacrifice around 75% of DMPE 4.3.1's functionality. Macro Recorder, which we recommend against using, was 1 of those sacrifices. Advanced-Scripting, which is much faster and easier than you think, was also removed. Nuance preserved step-by-step command construction so if your button has a hotkey, you could easily write a hotkey command via this method.

Nuance is supposedly working on adding a local Advanced-Scripting extension to support DMO but we do not have an ETA. We don't believe they will support Macro Recorder commands because while it is simple, it creates too much overhead for Dragon to deal with. The only reason DMO is nimble and quick is because it lacks most of the features that can be found in all other editions of Dragon. 

PS: DMO doesn't support artificial intelligence commands either. You won't hear this mentioned much but in our opinion, it is the next logical speech recognition step because of its efficiency and simplicity.


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