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Topic Summary: How do I know who to trust?
Created On: 02/01/2023 01:40 PM
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 02/01/2023 01:40 PM
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About a year and 1/2 ago, I broke my neck in a car accident. Eventually I heard about Dragon and my dad downloaded Dragon home from Amazon and brought the computer to me in the hospital.

I used Dragon home for over a year because all of the information on the Internet that I could find did not show me a single bit of information that convinced me it was worth the extra $250 to get set up with Dragon Professional Individual. All the information that I found was either incorrect or self-contradictory, but eventually I had a leg spasm and accidentally broke my computer so I had to set it up on a new machine, and when I looked up Nuance's website and got on the phone with customer support, they told me that I could upgrade to Dragon professional for hundred $150 and that Dragon home would not transfer to my new computer, so I said okay, why not and paid for the upgrade.

After the most horrendous customer support imaginable and the most shady behavior I've experienced online, I started complaining to the customer support about how terrible they were at which they threatened me saying that they would undo my account and make a Dragon stop working all this crazy stuff.

Just now I spoke with someone over the phone at Nuance, and they told me that this business which I SWEAR TO GOD I got the phone number for on nuance's legitimate website (but which I found later was called "WEBWORKS LLC") was not a legitimate Dragon distributor and that they were currently in legal action against of this company and that my serial number was compromised and being used by 2 other people. So here's my question… How in the hell do I know who to trust?

First of all, I want to say that NUANCE is the most disgusting and pathetic company I have ever had the displeasure to work with, and I swear to God it is their fault that somehow I got on the phone with this scam company. I am not computer illiterate. I have never fallen for any kind of phishing scam or any garbage like that. I specifically remember looking at the website and it looking completely legitimate and questioning at every step as I always do when making purchases online. I don't know what happened, but I'm certain that this is NUANCE's fault. And how do I even know that the person I was speaking on the phone with earlier was actually with NUANCE? How do I know who to trust now? When my entire ability to communicate through the computer as a C5 quadriplegic depends on this unprofessional company and my ability to trust that whoever I purchased their software through is a legitimate distributor?

I just need to know how in the hell do I know who to trust? I need to purchase Dragon and have it work on any computer that I need to use reliably and going forward because it is currently the only way I have to type anything.


What is nuance's real website? How many computers can I use it on? How will I transfer it to a new computer? I'm already having problems with my current computer and I want to get a loaner computer for my university to use while I send it back for its warranty or something, but now I don't know how the hell I'm going to use dictation if I have to use a different computer or even if I purchased a new computer, and I can't go without my computer right now at all. I work from home, and I'm in college, and basically everything else that I do is on the computer and dependent on the most poorly run company on the planet.


Please, I need your thoughts?

Forrest Phillips
 02/01/2023 07:12 PM
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Lunis Orcutt
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You have no way of knowing this but the only safe Dragon purchase choices are from licensed, certified resellers and Nuance, the manufacturer. The disadvantage of purchasing from Nuance is that support is more or less nonexistent. At this point, Nuance support is flat out lying to our customers. 1 of our customers told our Ver. 15 customer that support expired at the end of last December. That was a boldface lie. Even Ver. 14 support has not yet expired. We won't go into the rest and can appreciate that you may not be able to easily locate a properly licensed/certified reseller but we are 1 of them. There are also other legal resellers on this forum so feel free to ask. If a fake reseller lands on this forum, they will get bounced and we will remove their posts. We constantly patrol for bottom feeders and report them to Nuance

The official Nuance website, as you might expect, is but we do not recommend them. You can also reach Nuance at (800) 654-1187

There are no upgrades from the Home Edition. 

As of January 1, KnowBrainer 2022 is only freely available to our permanently disabled customers. We are no longer making it freely available to non-Dragon customers because we got tired of being circumvented by companies who always order from this guy, who can't supply support or someone who wants to spend a coupon on Amazon. Sorry about that. If you want to run your computer hands-free, it will be difficult to do without KnowBrainer 2022 but we do offer KnowBrainer 2022 to permanently physically disabled Dragon end users who are not our customers, for 50% off.

The Nuance support team does not have the ability, nor would it be legal, to disable your Dragon account. The company that sold your Dragon to 2 others are pirates but that doesn't help you. Nuance does not support pirated software, which you will find all over the Internet, Amazon and eBay

We were not able to find Webworks LLC and suspect they are software pirates who sell a single copy of Dragon to 4 different customers because Dragon includes 4 activations.

EDIST is now the only Dragon distributor and they do not directly sell Dragon to end-users. In the future, look for a licensed Dragon reseller and don't forget to check their BBB rating. Also check to see how long they have carried a BBB rating. We recommend steering away from companies that do not carry a BBB license on their homepage. 

We offer all editions of Dragon except the Home Edition, which we consider trash. Dragon is licensed to the end-users so they can use it on up to 4 computers. Unfortunately, that's how pirates take advantage. Legitimate resellers are not even allowed to sell Dragon on Amazon but even if we could, and charge MAP pricing, we wouldn't make a dime. DPI 15 profits are 15% and that's just what Amazon charges software resellers; primarily because of piracy. Only pirates, who resell licenses, can make a profit on Amazon.

If you have to send your computer away for repair, it is always best to uninstall Dragon so that you can preserve 1 of your 4 activations. If you're sending your computer back to the manufacturer, chances are they are simply going to blow away your hard drive and replace it with their default installations. It is the path of least resistance and doesn't require a computer expert or literally any time. Companies like Dell lineup a pile of computers and do them all at the same time.


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 02/02/2023 12:56 AM
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Thanks, Lunis for the interesting post on how scammers sell the same activation 4 times! And for uninstalling Dragon before sending your computer out for repair (hopefully the computer is not being sent out for repair because it is dead!).


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