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The KnowBrainer file downloads area where you can download software and documentation. Some software provided here requires a purchased license key in order to be fully functional.


KnowBrainer 30 Day Trial Download

KnowBrainer 2015 is a third-party command utility that adds thousands of commands to Dragon, simplifies the NaturallySpeaking learning curve, substantially increases your efficiency and includes our patented ability to verbally create personalized advanced scripting VB & .Net commands. KnowBrainer additionally includes the ability to access built-in Windows speech recognition commands like DISPLAY Numbers. In many ways, KnowBrainer is superior to DNS Professional which utilizes dated command technology. KnowBrainer 2015 also includes an interactive dynamic sidebar that not only displays all available application-specific/window specific (depending on what application you are using) and Global commands but additionally shows you the name of the last Command you deployed. Unlike the Dragon static sidebar, you can verbally or manually double-click any KnowBrainer Command for editing because the KnowBrainer Sidebar also doubles as a Command Browser. KnowBrainer also includes new open ended command technology and we have included about 5 dozen commands that take advantage of this technology like Google “antique cars”, Search Contacts for “taxi”, Spanish Translation for “can you give me directions to the zoo” and Search Computer for “letterhead”. Click KnowBrainer 2015 PowerPoint Presentation for additional details.

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KnowBrainer Quick Tips

A knowledge base for troubleshooting Dragon NaturallySpeaking and Dragon Medical problems with helpful solutions and step by step instructions

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KnowBrainer Tweaks

KnowBrainer PC settings /  recommendations to get the most out of Dragon.

SpeechStart +

SpeechStart+ takes Dragon to a new level of hands-free integration with Windows 8, Windows 7 and Windows Vista. (15 Day Trial Download)

Philips SpeechMike Premium

Pictorial step-by-step instructions on downloading and installing the latest SpeechMike Premium software and firmware.

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For over 20 years KnowBrainer has been bringing customers the latest and most comprehensive suite of speech recogntion hardware and software, including the entire line of Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking products. We also offer our own KnowBrainer Command software that extends the capabilities of NaturallySpeaking into full PC automation that is capable of controlling nearly everything that you do on your PC using just your voice. To get you the greatest success, KnowBrainer also offers a full line of hardware and support services for your speech recognition requirements.

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