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New Messages is learning better with correct long sentences than one word ? Dragon Medical Practice Edition and... 0 0 Nicolas Holzapfel 07/18/2019 05:20 AM
by Nicolas Holzapfel
New Messages Unwanted .dra files (again) and Dragon freezes
 Despite proper settings a .dra file is saved
NaturallySpeaking Speech Recognitio... 3 32 cloverdavid 07/18/2019 03:42 AM
by cloverdavid
New Messages Apple voice control Dragon Dictate Medical and Dragon D... 4 882 alexander 07/18/2019 03:06 AM
by pmlexfx
New Messages Problems with Dragon Medical one and Speechware Twistmike Microphones and Sound Cards 0 6 uncus 07/17/2019 07:49 PM
by uncus
New Messages Dictating special characters using ALT codes
 Special characters; ALT codes
KnowBrainer Software and Support 4 244 VLMin 07/17/2019 06:33 PM
by Lunis Orcutt
New Messages Widnows 10 and Dragon, Knowbrainer
 MS is sending messages urging upgrade to Windows 10
NaturallySpeaking Speech Recognitio... 1 37 cloverdavid 07/17/2019 06:30 PM
by Lunis Orcutt
New Messages When web browsing and opening links, is there a way to open a new tab?
 Something like control left click, but mouse free
General Topics / Other 5 33 vcatalysis 07/17/2019 06:25 PM
by vcatalysis
New Messages Why do sounds like sneezes, coughing, drawers banging closed and packing tape messed up voice rec so much?
 Just curiosity
General Topics / Other 1 25 vcatalysis 07/17/2019 05:14 PM
by Lunis Orcutt
New Messages Grammarly and the insertion point NaturallySpeaking Speech Recognitio... 9 120 sterlingtimes 07/17/2019 05:14 PM
by R. Wilke
New Messages Custom Commands for Google Chrome Suddenly Not Working
 Dragon NaturallySpeaking 14 Professional commands for Google Chrome that use to work now don't work
NaturallySpeaking Speech Recognitio... 13 558 JustRob 07/17/2019 03:06 PM
by djb5718
New Messages Homophone Suggestions?
 Does anyone have suggestions to help with homophones?
NaturallySpeaking Speech Recognitio... 9 108 btreloar 07/17/2019 10:36 AM
by btreloar
New Messages Microphone vs Digital recorder for dragon 15 Microphones and Sound Cards 2 64 seanc 07/17/2019 08:35 AM
by alandoucet

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