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New Messages Slowing down the 'read that' speed
 When text is read aloud by Dragon, it's too fast
NaturallySpeaking Speech Recognitio... 4 30 gfsark 09/23/2018 04:41 PM
by dilligence
New Messages Using Telnet IBM mainframe program NaturallySpeaking Speech Recognitio... 2 43 Learo2000GT 09/23/2018 03:00 PM
by Learo2000GT
New Messages disappearing and multiple DNS toolbars
 DNS 15 Pro behaving erratically
KnowBrainer Software and Support 1 6 Laura 09/23/2018 02:39 PM
by R. Wilke
New Messages Trying to reassign some hotkeys NaturallySpeaking Speech Recognitio... 0 6 debdrex 09/23/2018 01:58 PM
by debdrex
New Messages Poor audio quality running DPI 15 in Windows 7 under Parallels Computer Issues / Recommendations 6 318 WriterGuy 09/23/2018 01:20 PM
by WriterGuy
NaturallySpeaking Speech Recognitio... 2 46 JTBIGTOAD 09/23/2018 12:57 PM
by Alan Cantor
New Messages Can I maintain disabled commands and edits of MyKBCommands.xml when updating to the newest version? KnowBrainer Software and Support 0 7 EnterpriseCaptain 09/23/2018 12:56 PM
by EnterpriseCaptain
New Messages Computer not picking up any input from handheld mics Microphones and Sound Cards 3 33 geodude 09/23/2018 12:22 PM
by Lunis Orcutt
New Messages DPME4 Epic and Citrix
 Does it work?
Dragon Medical Practice Edition and... 18 1324 Allan 09/23/2018 12:08 AM
by ericnixmd
New Messages Would duplicate commands between Dragon and Knowbrainer cause slowdown? KnowBrainer Software and Support 2 30 EnterpriseCaptain 09/22/2018 06:17 PM
by Lunis Orcutt
New Messages Off-topic: Password Manager
 Help in choosing a Password Manager
NaturallySpeaking Speech Recognitio... 4 82 JeremyB 09/22/2018 06:14 PM
by Zig
New Messages Unusual posts
 New posts - years too late
Website Comments 1 30 Zig 09/22/2018 06:07 PM
by Lunis Orcutt
New Messages Dragon 14 setup.exe
 Does downloading Dragon 14 setup.exe permit future installations?
NaturallySpeaking Speech Recognitio... 10 2911 Alanowar 09/22/2018 06:01 PM
by Lunis Orcutt
New Messages Ctfmon.exe
 What is the latest advice on this?
NaturallySpeaking Speech Recognitio... 7 1507 G.J. Premo 09/22/2018 05:49 PM
by Lunis Orcutt
New Messages How can I prevent sudden disappearance of Dragon docs when giving commands?
 Lately, documents disappearing from screen on dictation of commands
NaturallySpeaking Speech Recognitio... 2 24 KatyGaffers 09/22/2018 05:41 PM
by Lunis Orcutt
New Messages Password Manager that works well with DPI & KB NaturallySpeaking Speech Recognitio... 12 2012 Cahilc 09/22/2018 05:11 PM
by Lunis Orcutt
New Messages Dragon can replace Copytalk NaturallySpeaking Speech Recognitio... 3 988 dougransom 09/22/2018 04:53 PM
by kkkwj

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