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Topic Title: DPG 15.5 and Office 365
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Created On: 03/25/2020 12:55 AM
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 03/25/2020 11:38 PM
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Lunis Orcutt
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Rather than focusing on Dragon hype we prefer the slang phrase “Dragon friendly”. When we say Dragon friendly, we mean Active Accessibility and Select-&-Say.


Active Accessibility means that you can click on buttons and menus by voice. For example, if you wish to click the File menu, you can just say click <file>.


Select-&-Say is now called Full Text Control but we prefer the old school term. When you have Select-&-Say, Dragon knows where all of the words are in your document. For example, if you physically move your cursor to the end of a sentence that ends in a period, Dragon will not only get the spacing correct but will also start the next word with a capital letter. If you dictate “the brown fox jumped over the fence” you can say <select, delete, capitalize, italisize, underline or bold> <brown fox> to apply the appropriate formatting. You do not have to select the text with your mouse. You may be thinking that the only way you can tell is to test but that's not necessarily true. Just look for the green • in the DragonBar. If you see the green •, chances are you are in a Dragon friendly application such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Excel, DragonPad, Notepad, WordPad, Microsoft Edge (2nd generation with appropriate Dragon extension), Google Chrome, Firefox and if you dare... Internet Explorer. This might seem like a lot but most other browsers, applications and utilities are not Dragon friendly. A good example is Windows 10 Sticky Notes. When you create a Sticky Note, you may or may not be able to dictate but Dragon has no idea where the words are. Sticky Notes automatically capitalizes the 1st word but you will notice that your dictation looks more like a blazing fast typist. Dragon friendly applications buffer your dictation until you take a breath. At this point, Dragon will drop your dictation as if you were pasting from the Dragon buffer. When you dictate into non-Dragon friendly applications, you will see your dictation deposited one letter at a time. After you are spoiled by Microsoft Word, you will not be happy dictating into non-Dragon friendly environments and in many cases, Dragon will simply refuse to accept dictation. It would be a perfect world if we only worked with Dragon friendly apps but there are far more non-Dragon friendly apps than friendly apps. Enough with the rambling and back to your original question…

It is important to note that when you are attempting to dictate into a field, application etc. over a network or browser, Dragon has no idea what application you are attempting to dictate into so it will not be Dragon friendly but it's not that simple. For example, if you are attempting to dictate into the networked version of Microsoft Outlook, through Google Chrome, the network version of Outlook is not Dragon friendly but you will have limited Active Accessibility and Select-&-Say because Google Chrome is Dragon friendly. This is a bit of a gray area but nothing beats experience. You will be somewhat limited because many Dragon Outlook commands, which can only be utilized by a local installation of Office 365, will be unavailable on the network version. Clearly, whenever you have a choice between local and network anything, go with with a local installation. To make the matters even cloudier, some websites will be downright Dragon friendly, like this one, while others will not even permit dictation. There is also another fly in the ointment…

The DragonCapture (third party utility) was created to force Dragon to directly dictate everywhere with perfect capitalization and spacing. No matter what unfriendly Dragon application you run into, DragonCapture will force direct Dragon dictation but there's a fly in ointment here also. When you attempt to correct DragonCapture dictation, you are likely to wind up with improper spacing and capitalization because DragonCapture doesn't actually know where the words are. It just appears this way. That's where KnowBrainer 2017 (yet another third-party utility) comes into play. KnowBrainer includes pseudo-Select-&-Say so that in most applications, that use typical Microsoft conventions, you can verbally select, delete, italicize, bold, underline, delete and even capitalize words the same way you can in Microsoft Word. Even better, when you select incorrect/edit any phrase, KnowBrainer will automatically move the cursor to the end of the current paragraph. Is everything starting to look a little complicated right about now? Welcome to our world. You'll find 30 day trials, of various utilities, in our signature tag TRIAL DOWNLOADS link.



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