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This is a full-service download area for KnowBrainer customers. Here you will find not only our internationally-recognized KnowBrainer Command and Vocabularies software downloads, but a multitude of useful trial ware, free utilities, and patches/updates. Most of these products are provided in a .ZIP file format as stored on our virus-protected server. You will also find product documentation in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format as well.

Please be aware that some of the KnowBrainer software downloads are intended to work with NaturallySpeaking Preferred 9 (sold separately) OR NaturallySpeaking Professional, Medical, or Legal (also sold separately). Finally, there are solutions of KnowBrainer Command software packaged with UniVoice and/or KnowBrainer Vocabularies.
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KnowBrainer has launched new wikis as part of our online user forum community. These wikis will serve as a home to the latest documentation related to KnowBrainer, NaturallySpeaking, and other speech technology related information. Click to access the KnowBrainer Wikis.

Also, don't forget that KnowBrainer is home to the world's largest speech recognoition online user forum where user questions are answered by knowledgable people everyday. Click to access the KnowBrainer Speech Recognition Forums.

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